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Scholar-Official in His Study
Scholar-Official in His Study, 1750-1850
Ink and color on silk; originally mounted as a hanging scroll
60 1/16 x 31 1/2 inches (152.6 x 80 cm) Mount: 8 feet 10 5/16 inches x 35 1/16 inches (270 x 89 cm)
Purchased with Museum Funds from the Simkhovitch Collection, 1929
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Looking Questions

  • How old do you think this person is? Why? Where does he live? How can you tell?
  • Make a list of all the objects in this painting. Based on these objects, what are this person's favorite pastimes?
  • Can you find two things that show his love of nature?
  • Imagine a vertical line through the center of this painting and compare the right and left sides. What is similar and different? Does this painting feel balanced or off balance? Why?

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