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Tile Mosaic Panel
Cuirassier Armor
Sunburst Quilt
Leopard stool (royal seat)
"Bullies" Wallpaper
  • Which of these things have curvy shapes and lines? Angular ones? A combination? Which are completely covered with patterns? Do any have a combination of patterns and open space?
  • Based on what you can see, describe what might be the function of each of these things. Then read the information provided to find out how and why they were actually used. What information was surprising?
  • Which two things were made for walls? How are they similar and different? (Consider shapes, patterns, colors, purposes, and places.) What are some other images that people put on walls (murals, graffiti, advertisements, etc.)?
  • Choose a useful thing in your home and describe how it is used. How does its function affect its shape, size, and materials? (A quilt is a large rectangle because it is used to cover a bed. It is made of soft fabric to keep people warm and comfortable.) Then describe how it is decorated and why. (The brightly colored sunburst pattern expresses the joy of a new baby's arrival.) Try filling a square and a circle with decorative designs. Afterward, discuss how the two different shapes influenced your designs.
  • Choose something you use everyday and decorate it in your own special way (e.g., a chair, knapsack, mug, shoes, plate, wallpaper, or sweater).

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