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Radial Symmetry

Both of these designs contain radial (or rotational) symmetry. If you rotated them around an imaginary axis in their centers like propellers or pinwheels, they would still look the same.

Tile Mosaic Panel
Tile Mosaic Panel, 16th century
Iranian or Persian
Pottery, glazed
42 inches × 10 feet 6 inches (106.7 × 320 cm)
Purchased with Museum funds, 1931
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Sunburst Quilt
Sunburst Quilt, 1839
Made by Rebecca Scattergood Savery, American
Roller-printed cotton plain weave pieced work; diamond quilting
9 feet 7 inches × 9 feet 11 inches (292.1 × 302.3 cm)
Gift of Sarah Pennell Barton and Nancy Barton Barclay, 1975
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Look for diamonds, hexagons, and octagons in these designs.
Draw each shape here:











Which design has curving, interweaving lines?_______________________________________________

How are these designs like kaleidoscopes?__________________________________________________




Draw your own design using radial symmetry. First, find the midpoint of each side of the square. Then bisect the square both horizontally and vertically. Start creating your design in the center and work out to the edges, using the lines as guides.

Will you use diamonds, hexagons, octagons, and/or curving lines?


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