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Tile Mosaic Panel
Tile Mosaic Panel, 16th century
Iranian or Persian
Pottery, glazed
42 inches × 10 feet 6 inches (106.7 × 320 cm)
Purchased with Museum funds, 1931
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Looking Questions

  • What is this made of?
  • Describe the center and side sections. Which sides of the panel have a border?
  • What color is the background? What does it remind you of? What shape are the tiles?
  • How many points does the large star in the center have? Look for more stars inside it. How many points do they have?
  • Are the designs inside the star, vases, and border simple or complicated? Geometric or freeform? Which lines and shapes are like plants? Why?
  • This tile panel is over three feet high and ten feet wide. What words describe how would it feel to be surrounded by these designs?

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