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Sunburst Quilt
Sunburst Quilt, 1839
Made by Rebecca Scattergood Savery, American
Roller-printed cotton plain weave pieced work; diamond quilting
9 feet 7 inches × 9 feet 11 inches (292.1 × 302.3 cm)
Gift of Sarah Pennell Barton and Nancy Barton Barclay, 1975
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Looking Questions

  • What shapes can you see in this quilt (an eight-pointed star, octagons, diamonds)?
  • Look for the primary and secondary colors. Which of these colors change to pastels (pink, cream, light blue)?
  • What pattern do you see? What does it remind you of?
  • Do you think it took a long time to make this quilt? Why?
  • If someone made a quilt like this for you, how would you feel? Where would you keep it? Why?

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