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Bamboo under Spring Rain
A Huntsman and Dogs
Ceremonial Teahouse: Sunkaraku (Evanescent Joys)
Night Sea
  • Each of these artworks shows a special place in nature or some special things from nature. List where or what they are. What special natural places or things do you enjoy (e.g., a park, the seashore, a tree house, flowers, etc.)?
  • Which of the paintings is about autumn? Spring? How can you tell? Which shows a summer plant in different stages of its life? Which artwork could shelter you from snow in winter?
  • Nature has many moods. Describe nature's mood in each artwork. Is it welcoming, mysterious, lonely, gentle, or cheerful? Why?
  • Which of these artworks contain people? Look closely at the four without people and imagine a person appearing in each one. Describe the person you imagine and what they might be doing there in writing or in drawings.
  • Which painting is both geometric and abstract? What is it based on? Find something you love in nature (a leaf, flower, seashell) and make an abstract, geometric drawing based on it.
  • Tape enough pieces of paper together to make a scroll that is thirty feet long. What scenes could you paint on it?
  • Did you know that the seeds in the centers of sunflowers grow in a mathematical sequence called the Fibonacci series? Brainstorm and research other examples of geometry in nature (e.g., honeycombs, snowflakes, crystals).

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