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Bamboo under Spring Rain
Bamboo under Spring Rain, 19th or 20th century
After Xia Chang, Chinese
Ink on paper; mounted as a handscroll
20 1/2 inches × 31 feet 7 15/16 inches (52 × 965 cm)
Purchased with the Joseph E. Temple Fund and the John T. Morris Fund, 1953
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Looking Questions

  • What materials did Xia Chang use to make this image?
  • Make a list of everything you see. Is this a still life, a seascape, a portrait, or a landscape?
  • What kinds of brushstrokes can you find (smooth, pointed strokes, blurry dots, pale washes, and vertical slashes)?
  • What does each kind of brushstroke depict?
  • Where are we in relation to this scene (above, below, or at eye level)?
  • This is part of a long scroll that unrolls from right to left. What do you think Xia Chang painted in the sections before and after this one?

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