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Ceremonial Teahouse: Sunkaraku (Evanescent Joys)
Ceremonial Teahouse: Sunkaraku (Evanescent Joys), c. 1917
Designed by Ōgi Rodō, Japanese
Wood, bamboo, stone, metal, rush, plaster, paper, ceramic, fabric, and mulberry bast cord
Purchased with Museum Funds, 1928
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Looking Questions

  • How would you describe this building?
  • What do you think it was used for? Why?
  • What materials did the designer, Ogi Rodō, use?
  • Where can you see bamboo (fence, gutter)?
  • Do you think Rodō wanted the teahouse to stand out or blend in with the garden? Why?
  • How does looking at this make you feel? Why?

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