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Fireman's Coat (Hikeshibanten)
Fireman's Coat (Hikeshibanten), 19th century
Painted cotton plain weave with cotton darning stitching (sashiko)
39 3/4 x 46 1/2 inches (101 x 118.1 cm)
125th Anniversary Acquisition. Purchased with funds contributed by the Otto Haas Charitable Trust, The Women's Committee of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Maude de Schauensee, Theodore R. and Barbara B. Aronson, Edna and Stanley C. Tuttleman, The Hamilton Family Foundation, and Maxine and Howard H. Lewis, 2000
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Looking Questions

  • What shape is this coat? Where are its neck and sleeves?
  • How many people do you see? What are they doing?
  • Look for a tool that a Japanese fireman might use. What else reminds you of fires?
  • What is happening? Make up your own story based on this image.
  • Read Momotaro the Peach Boy. What scene is depicted here?
  • Does Momotaro look strong or weak? How can you tell?
  • Compare Momotaro's and the ogre's eyebrows. What feelings do they express?

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