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He Who Tries to Travel Two Roads
He Who Tries to Travel Two Roads, 2001
Son Man Jin, Korean
Ink on paper; mounted as eight hanging scrolls
Image: 6 feet 10 1/4 inches x 18 feet 3/4 inches (208.9 x 550.5 cm) Mount: 8 feet 9 inches x 18 feet 7 inches (266.7 x 566.4 cm)
Purchased with funds contributed by Frank S. Bayley, 2001
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Group Activity: Write Your Own Quotation

In He Who Tries to Travel Two Roads, contemporary Korean artist Son Man Jin used a quotation from an ancient Chinese text. Have your students find their favorite quotation from a book, movie, or speech, and then write the quotation with paint and brush on paper. How would they express the meaning of the quotation through writing? Encourage your students to fill up the whole paper. Try several versions. Can students write in the style of Son Man Jin? In the style of Lee Mi-Kyung's Six Poems on Flowers? Which style works best for which quotation?


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