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Ask Asia: Asian Society
The Asia Society’s website for teachers and students features a broad range of materials on Korea, including lesson plans, maps, photographs, timelines, and clip art. Learn about traditional and modern Korea by browsing through different subjects such as geography, religion, math, science, language, and literature.

Asian Educational Media Service
The Asian Educational Media Service helps educators find and use media materials (including documentary films, feature films, CD-ROMs, and slide units) for teaching about the cultures and people of Asia.

South Korean Government Official Homepage
The South Korean government's official English-language homepage offers accurate and timely information about Korea, including contemporary and traditional arts, culture, history, economy, and society.

Korean Cultural Service
Through cultural and academic activities, the Korean Cultural Service works to broaden understanding of Korea and Korea-U.S. relations through cultural and academic activities.The Cultural Service sponsors and hosts art exhibits, film screenings, traditional Korean music and dance performances, Korean food festivals, lectures, youth activities, and sporting events.The Cultural Service also assists exchange programs between Korea and the United States.

The Korea Society
This website has several lesson plans on Korea for kindergarten through grade twelve classes.

The Center for Information on Korean Culture
Experience Korean culture from a very savvy, kid-friendly website. You can take a cyber tour of South Korea's capital, Seoul.The teacher's site is a great resource, and includes book reviews, lesson plans, and professional development course listings.

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Arts of Korea index.htm
View the Metropolitan Museum of Art's beautiful collection of Korean art as well as enjoy two "Explore and Learn" activities, "Discover a Korean Dragon" and "What Color Is Celadon?"

Seattle Asian Art Museum fathershouse/
Explore Korea: A Visit to Grandfather's House is the first interactive exhibition for families at the Seattle Asian Art Museum. Explore the daily lifestyle of a Korean family from Grandfather's time.

Online Confucian Museum
Learn about Confucianism and its rituals. Students can also explore the "Youth" site to learn about different Confucian ceremonies and view great photographs.

Selected Korean Museums

Gyeongju National Museum

Ho-Am Art Museum

National Museum of Korea (Seoul, South Korea)

Selected American Museums with Collections of Korean Art

Asian Art Museum of San Francisco

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Peabody Essex Museum

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Seattle Art Museum

Smithsonian Institution: Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery


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