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Ceremonial Teahouse

Philadelphia Museum of Art
This building was designed and built around 1917 by a famous Japanese architect and tea master named Ōgi Rodō (oh-ghi ro-doe) on the grounds of his home in Tokyo combining natural materials with parts of an older building.

Seated Rifian

The Barnes Foundation
French artist Henri Matisse (ahn-RE mah-TES) made this painting of a man wearing a yellow turban and shoes and a colorful coat who stares at us intently. Who is he? Where does he live?

Tar Beach 2

The Fabric Workshop and Museum
This story quilt was written and created by African American artist Faith Ringgold. The pictures, patterns, and words in the center panel tell the story of Cassie, a young girl who has big dreams.

Jerusalem Stabile

The Institute of Contemporary Art
Jerusalem Stabile was created by Alexander Calder, the artist who invented mobiles. He used the term “stabile” for his large, abstract sculptures made of unusual, painted steel shapes bolted together that don’t move, like this one.

Fox Hunt

The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts
Homer’s Fox Hunt mixes fact and fiction as it captures both the realities of the natural world and a scene in a story.

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