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Links to The School District of Philadelphia’s Core Curriculum for Literacy, Grade 4

1.1 Learning to Read Independently
  • D. Use prior knowledge and ideas presented in text (e.g., illustrations, titles, topic sentences, and key words) to make predictions.
  • F. Determine meanings of unknown words from knowledge of vocabulary and context clues in various subject areas.
1.2 Reading Critically in All Content Areas
  • C. Produce work in at least one literary genre that follows the conventions of the genre.
1.3 Reading, Analyzing, and Interpreting Literature
  • B. Explain the use of literary elements within and among text (e.g., characters, setting, and plot). Identify literary elements in stories including theme and point of view.
1.4 Types of Writing
  • A. Write poems, plays, and multi-paragraph stories.
  • B. Write multi-paragraph informational pieces (e.g., descriptions, letters, reports, instructions).
  • C. Write persuasive pieces with a clearly stated opinion supported with facts.
1.5 Quality of Writing
  • A. Write with a sharp, distinct focus identifying topic, task, and audience.
  • G. Present and/or defend written work for publication when appropriate.
1.6 Speaking and Listening
  • A. Listen to others.
  • D. Contribute to discussions.
  • E. Participate in small and large group discussion and presentations.
  • F. Use media for learning purposes.
1.7 Characteristics and Functions of the English Language
  • B. Know that word meanings can change over time (e.g., cool, mouse).
1.8 Research
  • A. Narrow a topic from general to specific.
  • B. Locate information related to a specific topic.
  • C. Reorganize information from sources into a new format for sharing with others.

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