Predella panel showing Saints Margaret and Bartholomew

Predella panel from the Saint Ursula altarpiece from San Pablo, Palencia; companion to John G. Johnson Collection, Philadelphia Museum of Art (Cat. 260) and panels in the Lady Lever Art Gallery, Port Sunlight Village, England (LL3426

Jaume Mateu, Spanish, documented 1403 - 1452

c. 1450

Tempera and tooled gold on panel

16 x 33 inches (40.6 x 83.8 cm)

Curatorial Department:
European Painting

* Gallery 211, European Art 1100-1500, second floor

Accession Number:
Cat. 261

Credit Line:
John G. Johnson Collection, 1917

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This panel came from a large altarpiece, called a retablo in Spanish, in the church of San Pablo in Palencia. It was originally part of the predella, or lower panel, of the retablo.

These two saints are part of a set of four saints who are early Christian martyrs, but they are presented in the guise of contemporary aristocrats. Only their attributes— the dragon for Margaret, and the knife for Bartholomew—identify them as these early martyrs.

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