Caricature of John G. Johnson as a Sick Dog

Alexander Harrison, American, 1853 - 1930

Made in United States, North and Central America

Between 1882 -1908

Oil on canvas

15 7/8 × 24 1/8 inches (40.3 × 61.3 cm)

Curatorial Department:
European Painting

* Special Exhibition Galleries, first floor (Dorrance Galleries)

Accession Number:
Inv. 2827

Credit Line:
John G. Johnson Collection, 1917

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Alexander Harrison, a Philadelphia-trained artist, was a friend of the art collector John G. Johnson. Harrison lived and worked in Paris, specializing in marine and nocturnal scenes, of which Johnson owned several. The friendship of the two men is witnessed in this caricature of the ill Johnson as a dog wrapped in a blanket.

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