Embroidered Picture

Made by Mrs. Mary Esher, American, born 1800. From an engraving by Joseph H. Seymour, American, active 1791 - 1822. Designed and painted by Samuel Folwell, American, 1764 - 1813.

Made in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, North and Central America



Silk satin weave with gouache; metal sequins; glass stones and beads; silk and metal thread embroidery in satin, chain, and couching stitches and laid work

Framed: 36 3/4 x 44 3/4 x 2 3/4 inches (93.3 x 113.7 x 7 cm) Unframed: 29 1/2 × 35 13/16 × 3/4 inches (74.9 × 91 × 1.9 cm)

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Costume and Textiles

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Currently not on view

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Gift of Ethel E. Burkart, 1963

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  • PublicationThe Fine Art of Textiles

    The composition is based on King Solomon on His Throne Receiving a Visit from the Queen of Sheba, engraved by Joseph H. Seymour for The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments ([Worcester, Mass., 1791], vol. 1, opp. p. 261). It was designed and painted by Samuel Folwell, who executed compositions and patterns for silk embroideries worked by students at the Philadelphia school of his wife, Ann Elizabeth Gebler Folwell. Dilys E. Blum, from The Fine Art of Textiles: The Collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (1997), p. 85.