Urn with Scene "Euryclea Discovers Ulysses"

Made by P. Ipsens Enke (P. Ipsens Widow), Kongelig Hof Terracotta-Fabrik, Copenhagen, 1842 - 1955

Made in Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe

Designed 1865; made c. 1876

Earthenware with enamel decoration

11 1/8 x 16 1/4 inches (28.3 x 41.3 cm)

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European Decorative Arts and Sculpture

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Currently not on view

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The General Hector Tyndale Memorial Collection, 1897

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The factory of P. Ipsens Enke was one of several Danish companies that exhibited terracotta at the Centennial Exhibition. It had previously won medals at exhibitions in Paris (1867), London (1871), Copenhagen (1872), and Vienna (1873), and was commended by the Centennial judges "for an important exhibition". While aspects of this urn are borrowed from ancient Greek examples, the various elements are assembled in a uniquely nineteenth-century way. The decoration, which imitates Greek red-figure painting, is taken from The Odyssey of Homer Engraved from the Compositions of John Flaxman, R. A. Sculptor, London (1803).