Made by Gorham Manufacturing Company, Providence, Rhode Island, 1831 - present. Designed by Donald H. Colflesh, American, born 1932.

Made in Providence, Rhode Island, United States, North and Central America


Silver, ebony handle and finial

11 5/8 x 7 1/2 x 5 3/4 inches (29.6 x 19.1 x 14.6 cm)

Curatorial Department:
American Art

* Gallery 104, American Art, first floor (Sherrerd Gallery)

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Purchased with funds contributed by Marguerite and Gerry Lenfest and the Richardson Fund, 2010

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  • PublicationPhiladelphia Museum of Art Handbook (2014 Edition)

    The Soviet Union’s launch of the first Sputnik in 1957 is considered the beginning of the modern space age, which proved a ready source of inspiration for American artists. Designed in 1958, Donald Colflesh’s Circa ’70 line of hollowware, with its strong vertical forms, was intended to evoke the sense of moving into space. Gorham offered this service, designed with complex contours that required special fabrication as well as ebony handles and finials, as a higher-quality alternative to other industrially produced silverware of the period. The extraordinary tray, introduced in 1963, incorporated Formica, a plastic laminate that became a popular household material after World War II. David L. Barquist, from Philadelphia Museum of Art: Handbook. Philadelphia: Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2014, p. 344.

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