Tapestry showing Psyche's Arrival at Cupid's Palace
L'Arrivée de Psyché dans le palais de l'Amour
From a set of five tapestries called "The Story of Psyche"

Designed by François Boucher, French, 1703 - 1770. Woven by the Beauvais tapestry manufactory, France, 1664 - present.

Made in Beauvais, France, Europe

April 1743 - August 1744

Wool and silk

Height: 9 feet 9 5/16 inches (298 cm) Width (at base): 16 feet 11 15/16 inches (518 cm)

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European Decorative Arts and Sculpture

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Currently not on view

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Bequest of Eleanore Elkins Rice, 1939

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This tapestry is part of the first complete set of tapestries telling “The Story of Psyche” woven by the Beauvais tapestry manufactory. Its elegant and sensuous style is a superb example of the fashionable compositions designed for the factory by Francois Boucher from the mid-1730s to the 1740s. The tapestries illustrate scenes from the myth of Psyche and derive from seventeenth-century adaptations of the literary work of the Roman poet Lucius Apuleius (A.D. 125-180).

The Story of Psyche was Boucher’s second commission for the Beauvais factory, and the designs, which went on the looms in 1741, continued to be woven until 1770.