Flowers with Leda
Maillol Statuette and Red Roses - I

Édouard Vuillard, French, 1868 - 1940

Made in France, Europe


Oil on cardboard

19 9/16 x 17 3/16 inches (49.7 x 43.7 cm)

Curatorial Department:
European Painting

* Gallery 163, European Art 1850-1900, first floor (Gray Charitable Trust Gallery II)

Accession Number:

Credit Line:
The Louis E. Stern Collection, 1963

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With Georges Maratier, Paris, by 1945, from the artist's studio [or private collection, Paris?] [1]. Possibly with Sam Salz, New York [2]; Louis E. Stern, New York, by February 1948 [3]; bequest to PMA, 1963. 1. Salomon and Cogeval, Vuillard: The Inexhaustible Glance: Critical Catalogue (Paris and Milan, 2003, vol. 2, no. VII-267), give the provenance as "artist's studio -- Georges Maratier, Paris -- Louis E. Stern." A signed note from the owner (name and signature unclear -- A. Le Gouelle or Gouellu?) in the PMA Archives dated April 3, 1946 states that the painting was loaned from their personal collection to the Galerie Charpentier "Vie Silencieuse" exhibition in that year and that it never belonged to a German, nor was it a looted property ("bien spolié"). An inscription on the painting's verso indicates that Galerie Maratier, owned by Georges Maratier, exhibited the painting in 1945. Maratier sold many Vuillard paintings, some of which at least were acquired from the artist's studio after his death. 2. Documentation on this painting was found in the PMA Archives (Stern files) in the same folder as a Salz sales receipt to Stern for another Vuillard painting, "Self-Portrait with Sister" (PMA 1963-181-76). ). Stern acquired much of his collection through Salz, who was Vuillard's leading American dealer in the 1930's and especially after the artist's death (Salomon and Cogeval, p. 1542). 3. The painting is listed (as "Leda -- Still Life") in an inventory of Stern's collection dated February 20, 1948 (PMA registrar file).

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