Artist/maker unknown, Thai

Made in Kalong, Thailand, Asia

14th - 16th century

Glazed stoneware with underglaze iron decoration (Sawankhalok ware)

10 1/4 x 5 5/8 inches (26 x 14.3 cm)

Curatorial Department:
East Asian Art

* Gallery 232, Asian Art, second floor

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Credit Line:
Gift of Dean F. Frasché, 1967

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Additional information:
  • PublicationPhiladelphia Museum of Art: Handbook of the Collections

    Situated along a river valley near rich deposits of high-quality clay, the ceramic center at Kalong, with over one hundred kilns, was one of the largest production sites in northern Thailand from the thirteenth to the sixteenth centuries. In later years, ceramic production moved south along with political power, and the existence of the Kalong site was forgotten until it was excavated in the 1930s. The sophisticated design of this wine bottle testifies to the flourishing and advanced pottery manufacture at Kalong. Its top and bottom were made separately and then luted together at the middle, with the scrolling peony and vine motif appearing in two horizontal bands along either side of the seam. The painting shows characteristically strong brushwork, which was applied with iron pigments and then covered with a transparent glaze. Felice Fischer, from Philadelphia Museum of Art: Handbook of the Collections (1995), p. 63.

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