Clearing for a Standing Man, No. 6

Christopher Wilmarth, American, 1943 - 1987


Glass, steel, wire cable

6 feet 8 inches × 60 inches × 4 3/4 inches (203.2 × 152.4 × 12.1 cm)

© Estate of Christopher Wilmarth, courtesy of Betty Cuningham Gallery, New York

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Contemporary Art

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Currently not on view

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Purchased with a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts and with funds contributed by private donors, 1979

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The ethereal nature of Clearing for a Standing Man, No. 6 belies its heavy industrial components-glass, steel, and wire cable-each of which Christopher Wilmarth employs to poetic effect. The artist's delicate modifications of the glass surface call attention to its color and texture, and the cable functions not only as a structural support, but also as a strong compositional element. Light, too, plays a central role in the piece, as it is trapped and diffused throughout, casting multiple shadows. The result is an abstract structure that is solidly monumental and at the same time expressive and ever-changing.