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Printed Textile: "Bicycle"

Designed by Hiroshi Awatsuji, Japanese, 1929 - 1995. Made by Fujie Textile Company, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan.

Made in Japan, Asia

Designed 1982

Screen print on cotton

7 feet 2 1/2 inches × 5 feet 10 inches (219.7 × 177.8 cm)

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Costume and Textiles

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Currently not on view

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Credit Line:
Gift of Fujie Textile Co., Ltd., 1983

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  • PublicationJapanese Design: A Survey Since 1950

    This screen-printed fabric with a large bicycle against a rice-grain pattern is from the "art screen" series that Hiroshi Awatsuji designed for Fujie Textile. Each design for the series was an oversized stylized representation of everyday things, from this bicycle to a bunch of bananas, a cup and a saucer, and the moon and stars in the night sky. Intended for use as roller blinds, each fabric came in a fixed width and length in a single color way, and Fujie Textile sold them fully assembled with the roller mechanism attached. Kathyrn B. Hiesinger and Felice Fischer, Japanese Design: A Survey since 1950. Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1994, cat. 152, p. 140.