"Tourbillons" ("Whirlwinds") Vase

Made by René Lalique et Cie, Wingen-sur-Möder and Combs-la-Ville, France, 1909 - present

Made in France, Europe

Designed 1926

Mold-blown glass with enamel decoration

Height: 8 inches (20.3 cm)

Curatorial Department:
European Decorative Arts and Sculpture

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Currently not on view

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Credit Line:
The Henry P. McIlhenny Collection in memory of Frances P. McIlhenny, 1986

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Additional information:
  • PublicationPhiladelphia Museum of Art Handbook (2014 Edition)

    Although the Museum purchased nothing from the great 1925 International Exposition of Modern Industrial and Decorative Arts in Paris, several avant-garde designers represented there found clients among Philadelphia’s cosmopolitan elite, including Frances P. McIlhenny, who, in August 1928, bought this masterwork from René Lalique’s showroom in Paris. Lalique had served as president of the glass jury at the 1925 exhibition, where he displayed in his own pavilion press-molded glassware in the new abstract, Cubist-inspired style. This dynamic vase—decorated in deep relief, its faceted swirls heightened with black enamel—demonstrates the technical mastery that made Lalique’s work so appealing to fashionable modernists. Kathryn Bloom Hiesinger, from Philadelphia Museum of Art: Handbook. Philadelphia: Philadelphia Museum of Art, 2014, p. 241.