"Furniture in Irregular Forms: Side 2" Chest of Drawers

Designed by Shiro Kuramata, Japanese, 1934 - 1991. Made by Cappellini S.p.A., Arosio, Italy, 1946 - present.

Made in Italy, Europe

Designed 1970

Lacquered wood

66 15/16 x 24 13/16 x 19 11/16 inches (170 x 63 x 50 cm)

Curatorial Department:
European Decorative Arts and Sculpture

* Collab Gallery, Perelman Building, first floor

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Credit Line:
Gift of Cappellini S.p.A., Arosio, Italy,1994

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Additional information:
  • PublicationJapanese Design: A Survey Since 1950

    This chest of drawers, which curves irregularly in its width, and a companion piece (Side 1), which curves irregularly along its depth, belong to a group of experimental furniture with drawers by Shiro Kurimata that originate in the late 1960s. The chests were made by Fujiko in Tokyo for a brief period and rereleased by the Italian manufacturer Cappellini in 1986, when such seemingly irrational and individual forms of expression were widely accepted as postmodern. Leaping into a future that he would help to design, Kuramata was already a rising star of furniture and interior design known for his conceptual, even poetic, approach when Furniture in Irregular Forms was first produced. Kuramata returned to his childhood experiences for his fundamental influences. "I've loved drawers ever since I was a child," he reflected. "Mine used to be full of toys and spinning tops and colored cards: they were my hidden treasures. I loved putting my hand into these untidy drawers and rummaging g about. Now as an adult I think that maybe I'm still looking for something in the drawers that isn't there."1 Kathyrn B. Hiesinger and Felice Fischer, Japanese Design: A Survey since 1950, 1994, cat. 95, p. 105.

    1. "Domus Interviews: Shiro Kuramata, " Domus, no. 649 (Apr. 1984), p.60.

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