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Let’s Look

  • How many people do you see? What are they doing?
  • Where are they running? What are they holding? What kind of race is this?
  • Describe the expressions on the runners’ faces. What emotions do you see?
  • What else shows us that they are trying to run fast enough to win the race (position and size of legs, arms, and heads; details of muscles)?
  • Look at the bottom of the picture. Can you find symbols, some words (in German), and a date? What do you think they could mean?
  • What primary and secondary colors did Jacob Lawrence use? Which colors are bright? Dull?
  • Look for repeated colors and shapes in the background and in the runners. Which ones echo the rhythm of running?
  • Is this the beginning, middle, or end of the race? How can you tell?

Look Closely at Olympic Games Munich 1972

Olympic Games Munich 1972 (Olympische Spiele München 1972)
Olympic Games Munich 1972 (Olympische Spiele München 1972), 1971-72
Jacob Lawrence, American
Color screenprint (poster)
Image: 34 3/8 x 25 3/16 inches (87.3 x 64 cm) Sheet: 40 x 25 3/16 inches (101.6 x 64 cm)
Gift of Marla K. Shoemaker, 2002
[ More Details ]
  • What emotions do you see on the runners’ faces? (Circle your choices.)
    fear concentration joy pain
    effort anger laziness ambition
  • Draw lines connecting the German words and their English translations:
    Olympische Games
    Spiel Munich
    München Olympic
  • Draw over the straight and curvy shapes that are repeated in the poster.
  • Circle the part of the runner that you think will break the finish line first.





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