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About This Quilt

When she was growing up, Ringgold and her family often spent summer evenings on the roof of their apartment building. This childhood memory served as the impetus for a series of story quilts, the first made in 1988, and her book Tar Beach, which was published in 1991. Tar Beach 2 features images of Cassie, the protagonist in the story, on her building’s roof with her family and neighbors. In the story, she dreams of flying, a symbol of freedom and power. Here, she soars over the George Washington Bridge. Ringgold used a quilting pattern of eight triangles within a square, derived from a traditional design of the Kuba peoples of Africa. She made this quilt using the screenprinting process at The Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia. It is one of an edition of twenty-four.

Let's Look!

  • Can you find Cassie in a red dress? How many times do you see her? Where?
  • Where is this story taking place? How do you know?
  • How is this different from other quilts you’ve seen? How is it similar?

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