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Curriculum Connections

Language Arts/English
Elementary School – Flying
Have the students imagine that they can fly above their neighborhood, town, or city. Ask them where they would go, what they would see, and what it would feel like. Have them write a story about their adventures as they soared above it all.

Elementary School – Tar Beach
Read and discuss Tar Beach. How does this quilt relate to the story? Compare and contrast the images in the book to those in this quilt. How does this quilt add to the story?

Middle School – Childhood Memories as Inspiration
Ringgold used her memory of going to the roof of her building as inspiration for her story. What special memories do the students have from childhood of a special place or family tradition? Have them write a short story about this memory.

Social Studies
Middle and High School – American Labor Unions
In the story, Cassie’s father is prevented from joining the union because he is African American. Research the history of African Americans and labor unions. When were the unions in your area integrated? What were the reasons given why African Americans could not join? Who were some of the leaders who helped change the situation? What problems still exist?

Elementary School – Illustrating a Story with One Image
After reading a story, have each student make one illustration to summarize the story. Ask them what they will include and what they will leave out. Have them decide how to convey the plot of the story through one image.

Middle and High School – Fabric Art
Ringgold transformed her art by using fabric to make sculptures and creating pieced cloth borders around her painted canvases and quilting the entire work. Have the students experiment with using fabric to make works of art such as sculptures, collages, and paintings.

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