Bruce Nauman’s new sound installations, Days and Giorni will make their U.S. premiere at the Philadelphia Museum of Art in November 2009.

The making of Giorni provided an opportunity for close collaboration between the artist and the students of the Universities with which the Museum collaborated to present Topological Gardens in Venice. When Nauman visited Venice in June of 2008, he worked with university students to record the audio tracks that would become the voices of Giorni. As the Italian iteration of the English-language Days, Giorni required participants to read two scripts in which Nauman had written permutations of the days of the week in Italian. Installed, Giorni and Days take a form that evokes that of sound corridors, with seven pairs of flat speakers forming a central aisle, allowing for the voices to come in and out of focus. Days and Giorni allow personal encounters with individual voices and the perception of the accidental music produced by the combination of voices.

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