Scope and Content Note

Most of these records document the operation of the Development Office under its two Assistant Directors Philip Thompson and Noble Smith, who managed the office 1973-1977 and 1979-1981, respectively. The first series, "Fund Office records" predates the establishment of a Development office. The compiler of this material was Madeleine S. de Miège, who served as Fund Office Secretary, and then Assistant, from 1965 to 1971. She was also secretary/assistant to the Museum's president. Her records pertain to the Museum's capital fund programs conducted from 1960 to 1967. The second series consists of general departmental records of the Development Office, and begin in 1967 when the Museum appointed Robert Safrin as its first manager of the Development and Membership Department. Most of the records are arranged in chronological subseries: 1967-1971; 1971-1972; 1972-1973; 1973-1974; and 1977-1981. These ranges represent bulk dates since the dating of much of the material overlaps. Documented activities include fund raising and capital programs, state appropriations, work with the Committee of Development and Membership, and the operation of the Museum gift shop. Recurring subjects include "Associates," "Budget," "Corporate," "Members," and "Trustees." The last subseries, "Inactive donors," consists of records compiled on an ongoing basis about individuals no longer contributing, including deceased donors. The material dates from 1946 to 1989, and a file-level inventory is available in the Archives. The third series consists of the papers of Thompson and Smith, each comprising its own subseries. The files in each are alphabetically arranged, and topics are similar to those documented in the previous series. Smith's records also include photocopies of his outgoing correspondence, which his office referred to as "Log/Daybook," dating from Sept. 1980 to Jan. 1982. In regard to the last series, "Noble Smith working files," it appears that Smith compiled this material for general Museum reference, with a few personal papers regarding travel expenses.

For documentation of the Museum's earlier fundraising personnel and programs, see the "Initiatives" series to the Board of Trustees Records and the "Development and public relations" series of the Fiske Kimball Records. For records produced primarily after 1982 (that is, after the establishment of an independent Development Department), see Development (transitional) Department Records (collection code DM) and Development Department Records (colleciton code DEV). Some of the material in the "transitional" record group overlaps the dates and activities documented in the Development and Membership Department Records.