Historical Note

Nancy Andrews Reath was a Cataloguer and Acting Registrar from 1921 to 1925. In 1926 she was appointed the Assistant in charge of Textiles. In 1927 she became the Assistant Curator of Textiles. She became the Curator in 1933 and served until her death in 1936, when Marianna Merritt became Assistant in Textiles. In 1940 Marianna Merritt Hornor became the Assistant Curator of Textiles and continued thus until 1943 at which time she went on leave of absence until 1946.

From 1942 to 1946 Joan Prentice, an Assistant in Decorative Arts, handled the correspondence concerning textiles. At Mrs. Hornor's return her title was changed to Curator of Costume. In 1954 she became the Curator of Costume and Textiles until 1956 when she was the Advisor to the department.

Elsie Siratz McGarvey was appointed Curator of Costumes and Textiles in 1956 and continued thus until she retired in 1979. During 1979, Christine Atwater Jackson was acting Department head for part of the time. Adolph Cavallo succeeded Mrs. McGarvey in December 1979, but he left in February 1982. Susan Anderson then became Acting Assistant Curator. Dilys Blum, the current Curator, assumed the position in 1987. Two years later, Christina Haugland joined the department as Assistant Curator