Historical Note

The External Affairs department grew out of the Urban Outreach department, which operated between 1970 and 1977, and its successor Community Programs, which operated from 1978 through 1982. In January 1983, the Museum created a new Administration office, the Office of the Assistant Director for Program, and recruited Cheryl McClenney-Brooker to head it. According to the 1986-1989 Annual Reports, by June 1987, McClenney-Brooker became Vice-President for External Affairs, and the office name changed to reflect that title. Her staff consisted of a staff writer, audio-visual personnel and an executive secretary. In 1998 the various vice-president offices that operated under Administration became independent departments, including External Affairs. At that point, Cheryl McClenney-Brooker guided the department as its Director, with Diana Myers-Bennett Roberts as Program Administrator. Staff now consists of Andreina Castillo as Program Coordinator, in addition to McClenney-Brooker continuing as Director. Working closely with the Division of Education, the Assistant Director for Administration and other Museum staff, the department's mission is to make the Museum a more inclusive, collaborative institution and a greater community resource by means of institutional diversity, outreach and audience development, collaborations and partnerships, and government relations.