The 25 linear feet of material transferred to the Archives in 2012 pertains to curatorial activity previously documented (1926-1972) as well as later activity (1973-1992). Because these date spans reflect two distinct curatorial tenures, certain series within the collection reflect similar chronological subdivisions. The collection arrangement is as follows:

(1) Date span subseries have been imposed on CORRESPONDENCE (SERIES I) and SUBJECTS (SERIES VII). Almost all the accrued material pertains to the later date span only. A very small amount of material was created after 1992. In both series, these papers have been processed in a separate "1993+ (future accruals)" subseries. Eleven desk artifacts were added to the 1926-1972 subseries;

(2) EXHIBITIONS, LOANS AND EVENTS (SERIES IV) is further divided into two date spans (1927-1973 and 1974-1990), with accrued material added to both subseries;

(3) Rather than date spans, the two subseries to WRITINGS (SERIES III) reflect material formats-- "Working files, lectures and other writings" and "Clippings." The latter pertains to all published references and the material spans the entire collection time period;

(4) It was determined during the most recent processing that the oversized images to be added to CONSERVATION (SERIES VI) were created during the earlier curatorial tenure. Therefore, the images simply were added to the end of the existing series inventory;

(5) A significant amount of accrued material has now been added to OPERATIONS AND FACILITIES (SERIES V) and processed as a new subseries, "Collection Management." It is further divided into four sub-subseries: "Miscellany," "Inventories," "Legal Proceedings," and "Disposition"; and

(6) Thirty "inactive" negatives of works of art from the Johnson Collection, as well as accompanying copy prints and original envelopes, were intellectually integrated into the appropriate, existing subseries of PHOTOGRAPHS (SERIES VIII).