Series VI. Thomas Eakins (1982)

1894, ca. 1930-1940,1961 -1983, n.d.

12.5 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

This two-volume book is a revision of the biographical section of Goodrich's 1933 book, "Thomas Eakins: His life and work." Although Goodrich's original intention was to also revise his catalogue raisonné for, at first, simultaneous, and later, subsequent publication, this plan was never realized. Material related to this uncompleted project can be found in the "Catalogue raisonné" series.

In the summer of 1962, Lloyd Goodrich was approached by Thomas Wilson, Director of the Harvard University Press, in collaboration with the National Gallery of Art, to contribute to a series of books on the history of American art by revising his 1933 Eakins biography. Since 1933, Goodrich had continued to lecture, publish, and compile research material on Eakins's life and work, and was already planning a revision of his book. In June 1965, Goodrich entered into a contractual agreement with Harvard University Press and the National Gallery of Art, beginning work on the revision in earnest in the early 1970s.

Although the general structure and content of the biography would remain the same, Goodrich was eager to augment the work with more recent scholarship. His proposed revisions included added material on Eakins's resignation as director of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Eakins's photographic work, and a general rewriting of the "critical" section. In addition, he planned on updating the bibliography, adding an index, reworking the illustrations, and adding color plates.

The bulk of Goodrich's revisions appear in the manuscript version. Subsequent versions bear mostly minor editorial and limited structural fine-tuning made in collaboration with Harvard University Press, and the National Gallery in a lesser capacity. Although the drafts are organized roughly in chronological order, it is likely that Goodrich worked with more than one version of the typescript at any given time, sending sections to Harvard for revision, and refiling revised pages while removing outdated ones. Copious research material can be found mixed with various drafts in the "Preliminary notes" subseries and the largest subseries, "Drafts and related material," including original and photocopied material related to Goodrich's 1933 book. Material regarding the production and distribution of the catalog, including a complete proof of the book, and transparencies and negatives for the illustrations, is located in the "Production and distribution" subseries.


In order of production,"illustrations" and "production and distribution" last.