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Transferred from the Department of Modern and Contemporary Art to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Archives, July 2001.


2003. The following items related to the 1987 "Apropos of Marcel Duchamp" exhibition were given by Conrad C. M. Arensberg on Feb. 18, 2003: Photocopies of one ALS from Anne d'Harnoncourt to CCMA dated Oct. 5, [1987], an invitation to the opening, a clipping regarding the Duchamp shower curtain from the Wall Street Journal dated Oct. 9, 1987, an article regarding Walter and Louise Arensbergs' art collection from the Philadelphia Inquirer dated Oct. 4, 1987, and an undated clipping of an exhibition review.

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Katherine Stefko, Katy Rawdon, Adrianna Del Collo and Vicky Rodner.