Scope and Content Note

The Marcel Duchamp Research Collection contains a variety of material related to Duchamp, his life, work, and legacy. The material was collected from various sources by the staff of the Department of Modern and Contemporary Art (formerly the Twentieth Century Art Department), Philadelphia Museum of Art, and compiled as the Marcel Duchamp Research Collection to support the curatorial and scholarly work of Museum staff and outside researchers. The collection includes subject files concerning portraits of Duchamp in various media ("Portraits"); artists whose work refers to or is otherwise influenced or inspired by Duchamp ("Artists Inspired by Duchamp"); and exhibitions, films, seminars, symposia, and other events about or related to Duchamp ("Exhibitions and Events"). The collection also includes copies and originals of Duchamp's correspondence ("Correspondence"); photographs of Duchamp, his works of art, and related subjects ("Photographs"); and published and unpublished writings about Duchamp ("Writings"). The "Kiesler research material" series contains Frederick Kiesler's research notes, interviews, layouts, photographs, and other preparatory material related to his two published articles on Marcel Duchamp, "Design-Correlation" (Architectural Record) and "Les Larves d'Image" (View VI).

The Marcel Duchamp Research Collection is considered an actively growing collection; the Archives anticipates that new material will be transferred from the Department of Modern and Contemporary Art on a regular basis.