Historical Note

While a Public Relations office has long been part of its organizational structure, the Museum did not designate a formal office of Marketing until 1994. That year's annual report noted for the first time a joint Marketing and Public Relations department operated by a staff of seven. Sandra Horrocks, who joined the Museum as its manager of public relations in 1971, headed the newly formed department. Other staff included Charlotte Biddle as Manager of Special Events, and Kristen B. Batley as Deputy Manager, Group Sales and Tourism. Charles Croce assumed Horrocks's position in 2000.

As reported in the 2006 Annual Report, the Museum has greatly expanded the duties and staff of its Marketing and Public Relations Department. Department Director Charles Croce oversees a staff of 16 who service four distinct operations; namely, media relations, marketing communications, special events and web development. These four offices are managed, respectively, by Norman Keyes, Director of Media Relations, Marcia L. Birbilis, Marketing Communications Manager, Camille Focarino, Direcotr of Special Events and Bill Ristine, Webmaster.