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Image 01: dolefullhouse

Tabaimo (Japanese, born 1975), dolefullhouse, 2007 (still from video installation). Courtesy of Tabaimo/Gallery Koyanagi. Philadelphia Museum of Art


Image 02: Dolefullhouse

Tabaimo (Japanese, born 1975), Dolefullhouse, 2007. Single-channel Blu-ray video. Private Collection. Courtesy of Gallery Koyanagi


Image 03: Narciso (Narcissus)

Óscar Muñoz (Colombian, born 1951)
Narciso (Narcissus), 1994-ongoing
Charcoal dust screenprinted on water in Plexiglas vitrines. Image courtesy of the artist, Cali, Colombia and the Sicardi Gallery, Houston, Texas


Image 04: Narcisos seco (Dry Narcissus)

Óscar Muñoz (Colombian, born 1951). Narcisos seco (Dry Narcissus), 2006. Charcoal powder on paper, Plexiglas vitrine. Image courtesy of the artist, Cali, Colombia and the Sicardi Gallery, Houston, Texas


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