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March 4th, 2008
The Wind Challenge Exhibition Offers New Opportunities for Artists

The Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial is pleased to announce changes to the Wind Challenge Series. Beginning fall 2008, the Wind Challenge Exhibitions at Fleisher will be presented in three clusters of three artist shows, updating the present model of four clusters of three-artist exhibitions. The new arrangement will allow for six week exhibitions instead of the present four week format. Longer exhibit time will afford more opportunities for educational programming. Also, Fleisher will be accepting both slides and digital submissions with the intention of having all applicants submit online the following year. In addition to longer exhibitions, Fleisher will provide each of the nine artists with a $1000 honorarium in recognition of the high caliber of their work.

Applicants will choose one area in which to apply: Painting, Works on Paper, Sculpture/Installation, Crafts, Photography, and Time Based Media. For the 08-09 season Lee Stoetzel, Curator, West Collection at SEI Investments and Jane Irish, Artist, will jury the first round of Painting, Works on Paper. Jurors for Sculpture/installation and all Crafts will be Michiko Okaya, Director of Galleries at Lafayette College and Phil Simpkin , Artist/Senior Professor, York College at the University of New York. Gayle Isa, Director Asian Arts Initiative and Eileen Neff, Artist/critic will jury Time based media and Photography.

The 2008 jury will be the three artist jurors Jane Irish, Phil Simpkin, and Eileen Neff. The jury will choose the nine artists for the 08-09, season. After the final jury the Fleisher Exhibitions Director will select and schedule artists to show in the three time slots during the year.

The Wind Challenge Series is a regional competition, sponsored by the Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial in cooperation with the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It has gained a national reputation for excellence since its establishment in 1978. Each season, Fleisher exhibits the work of nine selected artists in three three-person exhibitions. The Challenge Exhibitions encourage recognition of regional talent and serves as an incentive for Fleisher's diverse student audience to move forward with their own creative work as well as being a forum for a visual dialogue with the public.

About Fleisher

The Samuel S. Fleisher Art Memorial is widely known as the country’s oldest free and low-tuition visual arts program for adults and children. Founded as the Graphic Sketch Club in 1898, Fleisher has been a vital educational resource that includes instruction in the visual arts, a vibrant exhibitions program, and youth outreach programming at public schools and community centers throughout Philadelphia. Visit to learn more.

Fleisher exhibition programs are supported in part by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.

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