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Activities for Elementary School Students

Which is . . . ?

Select two works of art that have contrasting settings or moods. Describe the visual clues that give each one its unique feeling. Use collaborative brainstorming as the basis for a written piece.

Possible contrasts include:

Which is quiet, and which is noisy? What sounds would you hear?

Suggested Works

Which is warm, and which is cold?

Suggested Works

Postcard writing (see worksheet)

Select a work of art to "enter" and write a postcard to someone who is not there. Tell them about what it feels like to be there and describe the sights and sounds of the place.

Suggested Works

"Seeing" and "feeling" words

Select a work of art and look at it closely for several minutes. Brainstorm nouns to describe what you see ("seeing" words) and adjectives to describe the mood of the work ("feeling" words). Use these words to begin a discussion about the work of art or to develop a more finished written piece.

Suggested Works


Bring in real objects with different textures. Pass them around one at a time and brainstorm descriptive words about how each object feels. (The object can also be placed in a bag so that it remains a mystery.) As the class passes around each item and describes its texture, work together to find a work of art that contains a similar texture. Use your descriptive words for further writing about the work(s) of art.

Suggested Works