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Comparative Timeline

This timeline will help your students place the objects in this kit into the larger context of important events in world history.
World History Events Works of Art in Learning from Asian Art: Japan
c. 2500 BCE
Indus Valley is home to the largest of the four ancient urban civilizations of Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, and China
Jōmon Period
10,500–300 BCE

Jōmon Jar (Middle Jōmon Period, 2500–1500 BCE)
c. 4th century BCE
Buddhism first propagated in India
c. 1305
Giotto paints the Scrovegni (Arena) Chapel Frescoes in Padua, Italy
Kamakura Period

Amida Buddha (late 13th century)
Mayflower lands at Plymouth, Massachucetts
Momoyama Period

Calligraphy of a Poem (early 17th century)

Hand Drum (17th century)
United States Declaration of Independence

Vincent van Gogh born in Netherlands
Edo (Tokugawa) Period

Courtier on Horseback (17th century)

Tea Storage Jar (c. 1700)

Recumbent Bull (c. 1775)

Pilgrims at Kirifuri Waterfall (c. 1831–32)

Fireman's Coat (19th Century)
United States enters World War I
Modern Period

Ceremonial Teahouse Sunkaraku (c. 1917)

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