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  • Jōmon Jar
    This "cord-marked" jar, created during the Middle Jōmon period, features detailed clay-cord designs that climb up from the base along the cylindrical body in vertical lines that are capped by swirling loops.
  • Amida Buddha
    This sculpture, made of numerous pieces of wood joined together, represents the compassionate and infinitely wise Amida Buddha.
  • Calligraphy of a Poem
    This poem card, mounted on a decorated hanging scroll, illustrates the ways in which calligraphy can harmonize words and images.
  • Hand Drum
    This lavishly decorated, carved wood hand drum was used in Buddhist ceremonies and traditional Japanese theater.
  • Courtier on Horseback
    These two wooden sliding doors present an image of a Japanese courtier riding a gray horse through powdery falling snow past an ancient pine tree, which arches over the horse and courtier like a canopy.
  • Tea Storage Jar
    This heavy-bodied jar, which was used to store tea leaves, features a simple yet elegant scheme that recalls native Japanese painting styles and Japanese kimono design.
  • Recumbent Bull
    In this hanging scroll painting, we see a bull reclining with his legs tucked under his enormous body and wagging his thin tail. Although the bull is portrayed from the unusual viewpoint of the back, we can sense the animal’s gentle and passive nature.
  • Pilgrims at Kirifuri Waterfall on Mount Kurokami in Shimotsuke Province
    This print features the lively Kirifuri waterfall—a popular site for visitors even today. Well-balanced colors of blue, green, yellow, orange, and white bring together its many elements.
  • Fireman's Coat
    This fireman's coat is made of several layers of thick cotton fabric. The inside of the coat is painted with an elaborate design, while the outside remains quite plain.
  • Ceremonial Teahouse: Sunkaraku
    The small size and rustic simplicity of this ceremonial teahouse create a temporary refuge from the complexities of daily life and reflect the spirit of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

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