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About This Quilt

To create her quilts, Taylor drew shapes on paper and cut out templates for the appliqué pieces. She gathered design ideas from images she saw in magazines, newspapers, catalogues, and from objects she encountered in her everyday life. She added the appliqué shapes onto squares of fabric and combined them together with vertical strips. She arranged the blocks in a way that was visually striking to her, often resulting in energetic compositions. Taylor’s appliqué quilts were typically not used and instead were sold, given away to friends, or stored. A version of this “Hands” quilt was commissioned for the film adaptation of Alice Walker’s novel The Color Purple.

Let's Look!

  • Describe some of the color combinations in this quilt. Are any two blocks the same?
  • Why might the artist have paired certain colors together?
  • Why might she have chosen the image of hands to repeat?
  • What kind of mood do the hands create?
  • What could the hands represent?

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