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Curriculum Connections

Language Arts/English
Elementary School – Valerie Flournoy’s The Patchwork Quilt
Read this story and discuss what the quilt means to Tanya, her grandmother, and the other members of their family.

Elementary School – Stories
As a class, imagine Posey’s quilt is a storybook, with each square showing a different scene in the narrative. You can view the quilt together as a class. Brainstorm how all of the scenes in the quilt fit together, or have individual students determine what is happening in each quilt block, then tie them together into one long story as a class.

Middle and High School – Alice Walker’s short story, Everyday Use
Have students read Alice Walker’s short story Everyday Use. Discuss the characters’ sense of their heritage and their relationships to the quilts. What are the arguments for giving the quilts to Dee or to Maggie? Why do you think Mama makes the decision that she does at the end of the story?

Elementary School – Appliqué Quilt
Have students draw animals or people in interesting poses, either from images in magazines and newspapers, or from life. Make templates of the images, trace them onto cloth, and cut them out. Ask students to create a scene with the figures by applying them to a background square of cloth with stitches, glue, or a double stick fusible web product such as Steam-A-Seam 2 Double Stick (available at craft stores), which attaches pieces of fabric together with the heat of an iron. Taking inspiration from Posey’s quilt, assemble the students’ blocks together in a class quilt.


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