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"Tar Beach 2" Quilt
"Tar Beach 2" Quilt, 1990
Faith Ringgold, American
Multicolored screenprint on silk plain weave, printed cotton plain weave, black and green synthetic moire
66 x 67 inches (167.6 x 170.2 cm)
Purchased with funds contributed by W. B. Dixon Stroud, 1992
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Tar Beach 2 by Faith Ringgold

I think most people understand quilts and not a lot of people understand paintings. But yet they're looking at one. When they're looking at my work, they're looking at a painting and they're able to accept it better because it is also a quilt. —Faith Ringgold

Born in Harlem (a neighborhood in New York City) in 1930, Faith Ringgold grew up in the wake of the Harlem Renaissance. As a girl, she was often bedridden with asthma and spent time drawing while she rested. She taught art in city public schools from 1955–73, pursuing a career as a painter simultaneously. She had her first solo show in 1967, which featured paintings that dealt with Civil Rights and other political issues. In the 1970s, she began to create sculptures made of cloth in collaboration with her mother, Willi Posey Jones, who was a successful fashion designer. Soon Ringgold developed the idea for “story quilts,” pieced quilts with narratives written and illustrated on their surfaces. She has also written and illustrated eleven children’s books, which have received numerous awards.


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