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Woman's Evening Dress

c. 1926
Yteb, Paris, 1922 - 1933. Worn by Mrs. George S. G. Cavendish
The fashion house Yteb, which opened in 1922 and closed in 1933, was owned by Mrs. C. N. Buzzard and took its name from the backward spelling of her first name, "Betty." Mrs. Buzzard was the daughter of Anne Lathrop of Detroit and the equerry of Czar Nicholas II. She was reared in the royal court at Saint Petersburg, where she was named maid-of-honor to Empress Marie. Like many of the Russians who fled to Paris during the Revolution (including her brother, photographer George Hoyningen-Huene), she entered the fashion industry. This shimmering gown features metallic thread embroidery worked by Russian émigré embroiderers....

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