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Kantha (Embroidered Quilt)

First half of 20th century
Artist/maker unknown, Bengali
A virtual sampler of auspicious objects and motifs from popular culture, this joyful kantha depicts, among other elements, a processional chariot of Krishna as Jagannatha and a fish-eating cat leading a procession of domestic animals of increasing scale. Implements and ornaments used in, although not exclusive to, wedding celebrations include combs, a rectangular mirror, and a tikli (forehead pendant). Triangular pieces of pan (a digestive and symbol of hospitality) lie next to a janti (areca nut cutter) and areca nuts (also called betel nuts) used in their preparation. Jora mach (paired fish) flank a curving chimte (tongs used to remove a cooking pot from the fire), with a khunti (spatula) at its center. A hath pankha (hand fan) dwarfs the tiny figure holding it....

Object Details

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