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At the Circus (The Mad Clown)

Georges Rouault, French, 1871 - 1958

Object Details
Ambroise Vollard, Paris (d. 1939). With Sam Salz, New York (from Vollard?); sold to Louis E. Stern, New York, February 10, 1949 [1]; bequest to PMA, 1963.1. Copy of dated receipt from Salz to Stern in curatorial file, which gives the provenance as "formerly collection Ambroise Vollard, Paris." Vollard was Rouault's dealer from 1917 to Vollard's death in 1939. Salz met Vollard in 1922 and thereafter worked closely with him, selling paintings on consignment, so it is possible, though not confirmed, that he obtained the painting directly from Vollard.

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