Interior of a Farm

Imitator of George Morland, English, 1763 - 1804

Made in England, Europe

Early 19th century

Oil on canvas

28 x 36 1/4 inches (71.1 x 92.1 cm)

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European Painting

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Currently not on view

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Credit Line:
The William L. Elkins Collection, 1924

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  • PublicationBritish Painting in the Philadelphia Museum of Art

    Interior of a Farm is a borderline case of a painting with just enough quality to be by Morland in his late period rather than by an imitator. David Winter discussed the pros and cons of accepting the work as genuine in his 1977 dissertation: "The rather hard outline of the white horse is one of the stylistic features of Morland's late works, and the painterly treatment of the moss on the tree trunk, the texture of the trunk itself, and the hay in the manger more than faintly recall Morland's better works. However, by the time that the outlines in Morland's works had hardened to this extent, even this degree of painterly freedom was lost. Here ... the proportions are not Morland's. The men and the horse are too tall."1

    Richard Dorment, from British Painting in the Philadelphia Museum of Art: From the Seventeenth through the Nineteenth Century (1986), p. 247.

    1. David Winter. George Morland (1763-1804). Stanford, California, 1977, p. 160.

    Catalogue of Paintings in the Private Collection of W. L. Elkins. 2 vols. Philadelphia, 1887-1900, vol. 2, no. 64, repro.; Philadelphia, Philadelphia Museum of Art. Catalogue of Paintings in the Elkins Gallery. Philadelphia, 1921, no. 30; David Winter. George Morland (1763-1804). Stanford, California, 1977, pp. 160, 267 fig. 94.