Woven Silk (Kimkhab)

Artist/maker unknown, Indian

Made in Benares (present-day Varanasi), Uttar Pradesh, India, Asia

Mid- 19th century

Silk plain weave with complementary gold metallic wefts and silk discontinous supplementary wefts

8 feet 7 3/8 inches × 30 inches (262.6 × 76.2 cm)

Curatorial Department:
Costume and Textiles

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Currently not on view

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Credit Line:
The India Collection: Gift of the British Government, 1878

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Additional information:
  • PublicationThe Fine Art of Textiles

    This example of a kimkhab, a heavy silk fabric brocaded in silver and/or gold with colored silk accents, was among the objects exhibited by the India Museum of London at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition. It was most likely cut from the same length of cloth as an identical textile in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London that was acquired by the East India Company Museum in 1855 and that is thought to have been shown at the Paris Exposition Universelle of 1867. The London example has the name of the craftsman and cloth woven into the fabric. Dilys E. Blum, from The Fine Art of Textiles: The Collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (1997), p. 139.